Friday, November 20, 2009



Can I change the pain of the past? Can I run from the memories of the past? No, I can not! I did try.

Now, to my past abusers can you run and hide from the damage that, you have caused? No matter where you go in life, the memory of the abuse you caused me will be following each step you take.

Have you ever sat down and think to yourself, my god what have done, I am suppose to protect the woman, child or man that I love. Why is it so difficult for you to say, forgive for the pain I caused you?

To all abusers, you can not run nor can you hide from the abuse that, you have inflicted on so many victims!!!

I pray each night that, my past abuser will find peace because of there denial and lies, it will be difficult for them to find peace of mind.

My peace shines brightly through me; I feel like I can climb the highest mountain and scream out loud and thank God for bringing so many wonderful people into my life.

I will not hide, I will not be afraid, I am strong and positive. I will speak out and I will continue for justice because I am on the right side of the law!!!

Even after I have gone home, I know that, my memory will live on through my children and grandchildren and great, great grandchildren and all my wonderful friends and family!!

So to all of you thank you again, for all your love and support!

Rosa Torres-Sadler

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